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NATIONAL CERTIFICATE: RESOLVING OF CRIME Facilitation of non-therapeutic group
Healthy life styles and mental wellbeing
Module1:Regulatory Framework
Social work - Methods and principles
Promote HIV prevention
Module2: Administration and Communication
South African Social Welfare Context
Prevention of accidents and incidents in homes
Module3:Operational Forensic
ocial work administration processes
Record and report on information
Module4:Investigation Methods and Techniques
Assist with obtaining and keeping data
Promote and provide support for maternal and women's health
Module5:Criminal Investigation Human behaviour relationship systems
Promote child health
Module6:Witness and Evidence Legislation and the social work profession
Support community members with psychosocial problems


Research and administrative support services
Integrated approach to support treatment adherence
Module 1:Relevant Legislation

Social Auxiliary Work and Social Welfare Services


Identify and treat a select number
Module 2: Communication and InterpersonalRelations

Render basic client counselling, support and referral processes


Provide basic support
Module 3: Manage crime prevention and investigation

Support the processes to intervene with individuals and families


Operation and dynamics of communities
Module 4:Manage service Delivery

The bill of rights and code of ethics in the Social work profession


Household registration and assessment
Module 5:Operational Police management

Understand the purpose role and functions of Social auxiliary Work


Health promotion processes
Module 6: Financial and Human Resource Management



Health provision processes

Module 7: Crime Resolving (For Only learners without NQF 5 qualifications)


Emotional and social wellness support
Household treatment processes of minor ailments

Communication and Life Skills


Public and Community health support

Facilitate educational & life skills


Family and Community Services

Community development process


Basics of Community Health
community development processes Health and social services



US14015- Collect and interpretdata


US8976 - Write for a wide range of contexts

US117877-Perform one-to-one training on thejob


US8969 - Interpret and use information from texts

US8975 - Read analyse and respond to a variety of texts


US8970 - Write texts for a range of communicative contexts

US120365 - Evaluate extraction systems for efficiency andeffectiveness


US120369 - Evaluate glare and recommend appropriate remedialaction

US8968 - Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication


US8974 - Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts

US8973 - Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes


US8979 - Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes

US120348 - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic toxicological principles


US13917 - Role of a team leader ensuring that a team meets an organisation`s standards

US120341-Conducta Task Analysis and take appropriate action to address identified risks


US120347 - Measure characteristics of a noise source using an octave band frequencyanalyzer

US120364-Measure hazardous biological agents and recommend appropriate remedial action


US120370 - Monitor and make recommendations on the application of health and safetyprinciples

US120349 - Monitor and make recommendations on the application of health and safety principles


US120354 - Monitor and make recommendations on the application of health and safetyprinciples

US120345 - Conduct an indoor air quality investigation and recommend appropriate remedial action


US120352 -Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of humananatomy,physiology and pathology

US120355-Demonstrate knowledge of air flow calculations and principles of air flowing ventilation circuit


US120366-Demonstrate understanding of

the implementation of occupational health,safety and environmental

US120368 - Determine a fan characteristic curve, actual operating point and take appropriateaction


US120353-Demonstrate knowledge of fan operating points for different configurations and influencing factors

US120361 - Monitor and make recommendations on the application of health and safetyprinciples


US120342-Prepare,implement and co-ordinate a personal gravimetric sampling programme and determine exposure risk

US9015 - Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings


US9016 - Represent analyses and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts
US20357- Demonstrate knowledge of refrigeration principles and perform relevantcalculatio




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