Thank you for choosing to study with Crane International Academy via correspondence (STUDY AT HOME) programme. Please take your time and read through our prospectus, application and enrolment form and terms and conditions concerning studying at home or via correspondence with Crane International Academy.

This programme is created for everyone;

  • **People who are busy, and or have no time to attend classes but wishes to continue studying to achieve their dreams.
  • **Parents who cannot leave their home on regular basis for classes.
  • **Domestic workers who cannot leave their jobs for regular classes.
  • **People who works in shifts finding difficult to attend classes regularly.
  • **Young and old can study.
  • **People who prefer to study on their own time and pace.



To enroll as a student at Crane International Academy, please follow these steps:

1. Call 013 656 6370 to schedule an appointment with an enrollment advisor. At this appointment you will discuss:

  • *Admission requirements
  • *The program that best meets your educational goals

2. If you have taken courses at other accredited institution(s),
please send a copy of all your unofficial transcripts by email to  or by fax to 086 663 4721 prior to your appointment.

*The educational advisor will unofficially review your credits to determine which courses may transfer.

*A final transfer equivalency evaluation will be completed once all official transcripts are received from the other institutions.

3. Complete and submit your application for admission.
IMPORTANT: Both your application and non-refundable application fee must be submitted in order to process your application.
Your Educational Advisor:

  • *Can assist with any questions
  • *Will help you determine the first two courses to choose based on your selected program of study
  • *Develop your initial study plan and pathway for your program


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